June 2, 2021 6:45 am

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to all PAPU member countries for your reassuring support for my mission. It is my sincere hope that I will be able to move ahead together with PAPU member countries as the new Assistant Secretary General of PAPU, to open new prospects to reply to rapid socio-economic changes, and at the same time to continue to fulfill PAPU’s traditional public mission beyond its history.

As a trained International Relations (IR) and Diplomatic professional, I have more than 12 years of experience in leadership and management at senior level that has included positions at the designated National Postal Operator in Uganda, at regional and

I have significantly contributed to critical postal industry initiatives and concerns involving Posta Uganda. Prior to the present appointment, I held

several technical level posts in Posta Uganda that gave me an opportunity to spearhead the country’s postal reforms, operations and compliance to regulations in the postal sector. In parallel with these duties I actively participated in the design, development and implementation of various works and initiatives at regional and international level in institutions such as the East African Community (EAC), East African Communications Organization (EACO), Pan African Postal Union (PAPU), African Union (AU) Committee on Postal, Universal Postal Union (UPU), Conference of Common Wealth Postal Administrations (CCPA), International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD), EUROGIRO and UNCTAD among others.

I am a visionary leader who values consultation and transparency. I have a proven track record in delivering results and building consensus in diverse and complex situations

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