Posta Parcel

This service is designed for individuals or organizations that send items to various destinations within the country and abroad. The maximum weight of a parcel is 30kgs.

For international parcels the following dimensions are also considered.

  • The length of the greatest linear dimension of an international parcel should not exceed 105cm.
  • The girth of an international parcel should not exceed 140cm.

Cylinders: If the parcel is a long cylinder, its axis (length) should not exceed 105 cm and its circumference (girth) must not exceed 140 cm. Length

Boxes: If the parcel is box-shaped, then its length (its longest dimension) should not exceed 105 cm. The girth is achieved by measuring around all the other dimensions and must not exceed 140 cm.

To be qualified

  • Parcel must be packed properly and protect other mail item from damage
  • Weight must not exceed 30kgs.
  • Don't exceed the dimensions for international parcels.
  • Item is securely packed and wrapped at post office that could allow its contents to be checked by Posta Uganda employee
  • Parcel is accompanied by a CN 22 or CN 23 customs declaration form prepared by the sender, the nature of the contents shall be indicated directly on the item (CN 22/CN 23).


  • Proof of posting when parcel mail items are lodged over the counter.
  • Compensation against loss or damage (a standard compensation limit).
  • A unique identification number for each Parcel item.
  • Signature on Delivery.
  • Tracking.


Location & Contacts

Plot 35, Kampala Road Kampala

P.O Box 7106, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: 256-414-255511 - 5,

256-414-340915 - 9

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UPL WhatsApp line: 0797 298 493


Working Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00a.m - 6:00p.m

Saturday 9:00a.m - 2:00p.m

Sunday: Closed