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Mr. James Arinaitwe, Managing Director

Celebrating Wold Post Day

9th October is not only Uganda’s Independence Day but also a special day on the international postal calendar.  On this day, Uganda joins the rest of the World to celebrate 145th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) also known as World Post Day. Over the last three decades, the postal network has transformed the entire supply chain: from acceptance, through sorting and finally to delivery, the post has kept pace with change to provide solutions that work. 
Premised on this  year’s theme ‘’delivering development ‘’ a phrase that captures the post’s ceaseless search to find new and innovative ways to deliver value to both the local and international postal net work.
The post is relentlessly redefining its role within the new digital economy and the e-commerce world. By embracing modern developments such as virtual reality, the internet of things and digital financial services among others, the post is today creating greater flexibility in customer service by adapting to the use of advanced interfaces in the postal supply chain (such as electronic advance data on airlines, customs and security).
Innovation and the integration of networks, products and services are key to building a seamless Postal network in line with the changing global environment.
At every stage of these unique developments, the UPU has offered its steadfast support to postal administrations through coordination of quality of service improvement initiatives and funding postal development projects in member countries.
Uganda Post in this case has benefited from a number of projects such as:
  1. Capacity building and technical assistance;
  2. Installation of customs declaration system to speed up customs clearance at the Post Office of Exchange;
  3. Deployment of data capturing and transmission equipment at 48 district post offices;
  4. Installation of solar panels as power back at the 48 district post offices;
  5. Acquisition of Postal security monitoring and screening equipment (X-ray scanning machine and CCTV system);
  6. Acquisition of mail delivery fleet (motorcycles and vans).
Further to UPU’s initiative of delivering development and its wide collaboration with International partners such as the European Union and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), Uganda Post in partnership with PostBank Uganda benefited from funding to scale up remittances and financial inclusion through the postal network as a way to help lift people out of poverty.
The post office remains a key component in helping to achieve the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Uganda. 
As we mark the 145 years of the UPU’s existence today, I extend my warmest thanks to all Ugandans especially those who have made their contribution to ensure the one postal network.
I wish all Ugandans a Happy World Post Day and Happy Independence.

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