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Easy Mail

What is Easy Mail Service?
Easy Mail is a new premium postal delivery service, designed to cater for clients who wish to receive mail right at your doorstep. This means no more going to the Post Office to pick up your mail.

 How does it work?
Whenever we receive mail addressed to your physical address instead of it being placed in a post office box at the Post Office, we will deliver it to the physical address you specified.

Parcels cannot fit a letterbox for that matter, when you receive a parcel addressed to your physical address, you will be requested to pick it up from the Post Office.

Note: This is strictly a delivery service, which means we cannot pick up mail from your premises and deliver it to the Post Office.

How much does it cost?
A pre paid annual subscription of One Million (1,000,000) shillings only

Why choose Easy Mail?
Easy Mail is the most convenient Postal Service today because it offers you the following benefits:

  • Your mail will be delivered to your doorstep, which means saving your time and money.
  • Easy Mail is an affordable premium service.
  • Your mail is secured right up to your doorstep.

 Who does this service suit?

  • Utility Companies
  • Business Organizations
  • NGOs
  • Multinationals
  • Foreign Missions
  • Government Institutions
  • Education Institutions
  • Individual Customers

How do you sign up?
Pick up an application form from a Post Office of your choice, once the form has been completed and returned along with the authorized signatory(s), you will start enjoying the benefits of this exciting front door delivery service.

NOTE: This service is currently available only in Kampala.

Go to the Post Office of your choice fill out an application form, you will immediately be allocated a P.O Box Number.

How much does a P.O Box cost?

Annual Rental costs are as follows:

Customer letterbox information

Renting a letter box:

    The box rental is pre-payable annually on the first day of the month in which the box was allocated. Payments must be made within 21 days from the date when the tenancy expired. Failure to pay rental for the box may result into forfeiture and consequently re-allocation of the box.
    Currently a small box is rented at Ushs 35,100/- and a big box is rented at Ushs 46,800/- per year.
    Upon renting a private letterbox you will be issued with a renter’s authority card. The card may from time to time be requested for when taking valuables at our counters.
    For your own convenience you are requested to open your letters outside the boxes area. Opening /reading letters in this area may lead to you being unnecessarily questioned by the security officials.
    For security purposes no external items should be kept or placed in your box.

Dealing with wrongly addressed mail in your letterbox:

    Letters found in your box addressed to persons you don’t know should not be taken or destroyed.
    You should:
        First cancel the box number.
        Where possible indicate the reason for doing so e.g. Unknown, wrong number, left the country, died etc.
        You are then requested to place such letters in the wrongly addressed wooden boxes provided in the box area.
    Below are some of the reasons why a letter not belonging to you may be found in your box
        Your box may be reissued and the letter may belong to a previous owner.
        The wrong address may have been used by the sender Note: The above are the more likely reasons for finding unfamiliar letters in your letterbox this does not suggest sharing of the box.

Security of your letterbox:

    Remember to always lock your letterbox.
    Place your key in a secure place
    Please report any perceived mail violation

Replacement of lost keys::

    Replacement of the lock upon loss of keys will be done at a fee. A lock with one key costs shs. 20,000/= and a second key costs 5,000/=.
    If your lock becomes faulty, the pre replacement will be done free of charge.(However there must be written authority from the renter)

Postage prepaid

This is a prepaid service for both domestic and international mail which is very convenient for clients handling large volume of mail. Under this arrangement, a client is required to sign a contract with Posta Uganda and makes an advance payment from which every consignment He/she brings for posting will be charged. He/she will be provided with a monthly statement showing the number of transactions and amount charged.


·         Convenient

·         Saves time

·         secure