Virtual Postal Box

Virtual Postal Box

The Postal Address without the Post box.

This service is targeted at customers that want to receive mail and currently do not have Post Boxes

How it works?
The Customer will be issued with a Postal Address for example;
However, the customer would not have a physical post box. Instead, the customer would receive mail at the post office counter by providing the Postal Officer with his or her Virtual Postal Box details.

How much would it cost?
The Virtual Postal Box would cost 75% of the current cost of a post box at that particular post office E.g. Current Cost of a post box at Wandegeya is 20,000/-

The cost of the Virtual Postal Box at Wandegeya would be 75% of 20,000/. Thus 15,000/-.

Note: When a physical post box becomes available, the customer will be issued one and will need to pay the additional 25% rate of the physical box at that particular post office

This service is not a replacement for physical post boxes and is therefore only available in the absence of a physical box.

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