Money Transfer

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This enables you to:

  • Support your family back home and at school.
  • Rescue travellers in emergencies.
  • Keep businesses operating smoothly

If you need to send money, and you need to send it fast, turn to the convenience of Posta Uganda's Money Order Service. The service is the most secure and affordable way to send or receive money across Uganda.

How to use the service:
You deposit your money at the nearest Post Office. Posta Uganda will require your particulars and those of the receiver of the money. Thereafter the equivalent of the money you deposit will be paid to the receiver at the nearest Post Office, to the named destination.

Domestic Post Cash rates:
Commission: 5% of money being sent Plus 1,000 shillings postage fee
Domestic Post Cash is available at all Post Offices across Uganda.

Benefits of the services:

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • No-account or account number needed
  • No foreign exchange

Money & Postal Order Rates:

Money Orders
Maximum value payable at Regional Head Post Office (HPO) 500,000
Maximum value of order payable at Departmental Post Office (DPO) 100,000
Maximum value of order payable at Sub-Post Offices (SPO) 10,000
Commission 1,000 + 5% of value

Note:The money order limits are subject to change depending on the prevailing financial status of the respective Post Offices.

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