Liability Forms

Liability, Compensation & Inquiries Notice

Liability Of Postal Administration

If a registered item is lost, totally rifled or totally damaged, the sender shall be entitled to an indemnity of 30 SDR.

The indemnity for the loss, or theft, or damage to a registered M-bag shall be 150 SDR.

The indemnity for the loss of a parcel is 40 SDR and 4.50 SDR per kilogram. This is irrespective of the content in both the registered letter and the parcel.

Sender's Liability

The sender of an item shall be liable for any damage caused to other postal items due to the dispatch of an article not acceptable for conveyance or the non-observance of the conditions of acceptance.

The sender shall remain liable even if the office of posting accepts to convey a prohibited item.

Inquiries shall be entered within a period of six months from the day on which the it was posted.


Note: Genuine claims for compensation will be settled in Uganda shillings at the prevailing US Dollar rate.

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