Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

What is the Direct Marketing Service?
This is an advertising service offered by Posta Uganda through which you can deliver information about your products or service to a specific market group or the general public. With a comprehensive customer database comprised of 70,000 letterboxes countrywide, Posta Uganda guarantees you value for money advertising countrywide and assured customer response.

How does Direct Marketing work?
Advertising materials (brochures, flyers or printed piece) are sent to large numbers of potential customers advertising a product or a service and soliciting orders through the postal boxes. Specific groups of customers can be targeted.

Why Direct Marketing?
The existing advertising media have limitations, especially in terms of the availability of space or airtime in order for a customer to inform the potential customers about a product of service in detail.
Direct Marketing allows a customer to pass on information in significant detail about a product or service at an affordable price.


  • Direct mail allows you to give significant presentation of detail about your product or service.
  • It is an affordable and cost effective service, which targets specific customers.
  • There is a guarantee that your target audience will see your advert.