The role of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) at the Parcels and EMS sections.

The URA is mandated by law to open and verify the contents of each parcel received at the Post Office

in the presence of the recipient for Kampala General Post Office (GPO) parcels.

Parcels for deliveries from other offices other than GPO are verified by URA Customs Officials at GPO, secured by a URA branded tape and forwarded to the respective offices for delivery.

The contents are assessed by URA and the recipient is advised on how much tax to pay for the item(s). A parcel may not be delivered to you unless URA has cleared it first. Posta Uganda will charge you handling fees and demurrage in case you do not collect the item within seven days from the date of first notification. Once you are unable to pay taxes, the item is held by customs until payment is made, at this stage Posta Uganda is NOT responsible for the security of the parcel.

Customs declaration

You are supposed to declare whatever items you are posting for customs purposes at the point of destination. However, EMS will be under no obligation to advance any duties, taxes or charges, and to make any disbursements with respect to the items it has conveyed.

11/19/2016 - 11:00

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