MD Message for World Postal Day 2016

On 9th October 2016, Uganda will join the rest of the world to commemorate World Post Day with the promise of delivering ‘innovative, integrated and inclusive’ development solutions which emphasize the need for continued technological advancement in the postal sector.

Uganda Post Limited is a member of the Universal Postal Union and is regulated by the Uganda Communications Commission under the Political Leadership of the Ministry of lCT and National Guidance. Posta Uganda shares the objectives of this year’s strategic pillars and is committed to continue playing a key role in the highly competitive communications market in Uganda, the EAC and globally through the provision of high quality and reliable postal communication services to its customers.

Accessibility to communication services is afundamental human rightas stipulated by the United Nations and is a major concern of the Government of Uganda.The relevance of the postal industry today remains crucial as Posta Uganda strives to provide innovative, accessible, affordable and all inclusive services through its various post offices spread out across the country. This guarantees that every Ugandan has the opportunity and the ability to communicate using the post office nearer to them.

I would like to acknowledge the huge achievements that Posta Uganda has achieved over the years amidst stiff competition brought about by the integration of knowledge and processes, enabling seamless and affordable services forall locally and internationally.

Posta Uganda has fused modern technology in its service delivery and continues to develop products that are mobile centric and provide for successful integration by involving all key players in the postal supply chain, including customs and transport, and to facilitate cross-border e-commerce in order to remain a highly competitive organization.

Posta Uganda will play a more relevant role as an infrastructure for socio-economic development and for the efficient delivery of eGovernment services throughout the country. Given its universal nature, we are best placed to drive the economic, social,financial and digital inclusion of all citizens of Uganda.

As we celebrate World Post Day today and the achievement of Uganda for being re-elected to the UPU Council of Administration, I call upon all stakeholders and everyone to show more commitment to supporting the postal sub-sector in its efforts to provide innovative, integrated and inclusive development solutions that contribute to the socio-economic development in Uganda.

I wish all Ugandans a Happy World Post Day and Independence Day

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