Help and FAQs

If Posta Uganda and Uganda Telecom are sisters is it not a conflict of interest to have MTN in the Post Office?

The two companies were split in 1998 and that means Posta Uganda can do business with any telephone service operator.

How is Posta Uganda dealing with the threat of the Internet?

We do not perceive it as a threat but we see it as an opportunity for new business avenues.

Why did Posta Uganda change?

Posta Uganda decided to change its corporate identity in order to remain relevant to its customers through the provision of high quality products and services.

Do you think the Postal Service has a future?

Yes, most people tend to see the post office on an individual level however when you realise that our core business is mail sent by corporations and not individuals, you realise that we definitely have a future. Companies are sending more mail and we have diversified our business to include a wider range of products.

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