Celebrating Pan African Post Day :Message from Managing Director

On 18th January 2017, Uganda will join the rest of the African Postal fraternity to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Pan African Post Day

with the theme “The post: An essential infrastructure for the development of e-commerce in Africa”.

This provides the post an opportunity to contribute to economic development of Uganda. Uganda Post Limited is a member of the Pan African Postal Union and is regulated by the Uganda Communications Commission under the Political Leadership of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance. Posta Uganda shares the objectives of this year’s strategic pillars and is committed to continue playing a key role in the highly competitive e-commerce market in Uganda, the EAC and globally through the optimal use of postal infrastructure with reliable e-commerce solutions to its customers.

As a national postal operator, our traditional role is that of delivery agent for all forms of postal articles, however with the introduction of e-commerce our role will be extended to deliver items bought on-line, a role we are well suited to play in view of our extensive footprint. The Post Office has more than 190 points of presence all over Uganda and a delivery network to match that.

Posta Uganda’s latest e-commerce venture will be the digital Mobile Post application which not only enables the on-line renewal of post boxes via the virtual Post Office but also acquisition of a P.O. box address. We anticipate a gradual annual increase in post box renewal on the Virtual Post Office web portal and new acquisitions.

Once introduced the application will be accessible, affordable, convenient and all inclusive. I would like to acknowledge the strategic collaboration Posta Uganda has with Uganda Revenue Authority over the years which provides for seamless integration of knowledge and processes to support the postal business. Notably, the post parcel process which is little known yet it is a secure and very convenient method of importing light goods into the country.

The public is called upon to utilize the parcel process for e-commerce considering its many benefits, including being the fastest means of sending and receiving light goods; increasing the turnaround times, especially for online purchases; being a one-stop centre for assessment and examination of the goods, with banks just a step away; being one of the cheapest options, which makes business sense and being convenient because of the countrywide coverage of Posta Uganda.

Posta Uganda will play a more relevant role as an infrastructure for the development of e-commerce and for the efficient delivery of e-Government services throughout the country. Given its universal nature, the post is best suited to drive innovation of e-commerce solutions, full integration of networks at the national, regional and global levels, and to foster the inclusion of all citizens, economic actors and territories.

As we celebrate Pan African Post Day, I call upon all stakeholders and everyone to show more commitment to supporting the postal sub-sector in its efforts to leverage the postal infrastructure to support the development of e-commerce which is an integral component of the socio-economic development in Uganda.

I wish all Ugandans a Happy Pan African Post Day

01/26/2017 - 12:45

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