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Help & FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions

a) Sending a Registered Mail
  • How do I send a mail as Registered Mail?
    Registered Mail must be mailed from the Post Office. Payment methods include: cash or cheque for bulk mail.

  • What type of packaging should I use for Registered Mail?
    • Customer Service Officers may advise you on the packaging to use.
    • Mail must bear the complete names and delivery information of both the sender and recipient.
    • Padded, plastic, self-sealing or glossy-coated envelopes may be mailed registered
    • Must be sealed with glue, plain paper tape, or cloth tape. The fee and postage may be paid with ordinary stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints

  • What is the estimated delivery time for Registered Mail?
    Due to the higher level of security placed on this mail class, it is possible that the Registered Mail process could slow the speed at which a mail travels.

b) Registered Mail Inquiries

What form should I fill out regarding an inquiry about a Registered Mail item?
  • To file an inquiry for a registered item both domestic and international, you should use a P111 form (available at your local post office or on the Posta Uganda website).
  • You will need to provide proof of mailing by submitting your registered receipt. Any further questions can be referred to the local Post Office.

What are the characteristics of Registered Mail?
  • Registered Mail (International) is a service that allows you to register your international mail for additional protection and security.
  • A mailing receipt is issued by office of mailing, and a record of delivery is maintained at the office of destination (the recipient's signature is not required)
  • Registered Mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt, and upon request, electronic verification that an article was delivered, or that an attempt at delivery was made
  • Registered Mail is handled separately from all other mail, and records are kept by registry number
  • Return receipts may be added. Padded envelopes are accepted for International Registered Mail items.
  • ID numbers typically begin with two letters ("R" followed by another letter) followed by nine numbers and the letters "UG", for example: RR 000 000 000 UG, the ID number can easily be identified on the receipt.
  • You must declare the contents
  • The price for Registered Mail includes a base fee (without insurance) in addition to postage
  • The delivery is under signature of the addressee
c) Postage Questions
  • Where do I put Postage on a mailpiece?
    Postage needs to be correctly placed on your letter or other mail item in the right place to assure proper processing.
Stamps must be affixed firmly in the upper right corner of the address side of the mailpiece. Any stamp partly concealed by an overlapping stamp may not be counted as postage.

  • If the postage is not properly placed, the mail piece may not be accepted, or may be returned to the sender.
  • Parcels have more leeway than flats or envelopes.
  • If multiple stamps are used, place the additional postage on the back of the envelope.

d) Unique Mailing Situations

What happens to undelivered mail?
Mail pieces that cannot be delivered and do not have a return address are forwarded to the return letter office and are shredded. Items with valuable items are forwarded to Uganda Revenue Authority Customs Office for auction. For additional information on undelivered mail contact inquiries@ugapost.co.ug

e) International Mail Delivery Concerns
  • What should I do if the Mail that I sent as ordinary has not yet been delivered?
    Ordinary mail has a standard delivery of six (6) to ten (10) Postal business days, but it is not a guaranteed delivery service. Without a definitive tracking system affixed to the service, we are not able to tell you where the item is within the mail stream or when it will be delivered. Ordinary Mail does not provide a tracking service online.

  • International mail with insufficient postage:
    • Letters and Postcards with insufficient postage will be returned to sender if they contain a return address.
    • Letters and Postcards with no return address will be forwarded to the Return Letter Office.
    • Parcels with or without a return address will be forwarded without delay to the Uganda Revenue Authority Customs Office. Mail returned for insufficient postage may be re-mailed after adding the additional postage to the original envelope or wrapper.
International mail without postage:
  • All mail without postage will be returned to the sender if the item contains a return address.
  • Letters and Postcards with no return address will be forwarded to the Return Letter Office.

Unclaimed, refused, non-deliverable International mail
  • Undeliverable packages will be returned to the sender . Shipments sent using other services may be subject to return charges at the sender's expense. Opened shipments are returned at the recipient's expense


Physically Addressed Items.
We do receive large volumes of letters, packets and parcels that are geographically or physically addressed. Please advise the senders to always indicate the P.O. Box number on the item so as to ease delivery.

The role of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Customs at the Parcels and EMS sections.
The URA is mandated by law to open and verify the contents of each parcels received at the Post Office in the presence of the recipient. The contents are assessed by URA and the recipient is advised on how much tax to pay for the item(s).
Please note that a parcel cannot be delivered to you unless URA has cleared it first. Posta Uganda will charge you 3,000/= as handling fees. Once the customer is unable to pay taxes, the item is held by customs until payment is made, at this stage Posta Uganda is NOT responsible for the security of the parcel.

Prohibited items.
The Government of Uganda has authority to intercept parcels and packets that contain prohibited items unless verified by the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural products; and National Drug Authority for medical drugs being imported into the country.
Unless cleared by these two agencies, Post Office is under no obligation to accept or deliver such items. Please contact the Customer Service Center or your nearest Post Office for a full list of prohibited items.

Damaged / Violated mail.
Items that are received into Post office in a damaged condition are secured to avoid further damage and we attach a notification to our customer.
Customers are urged to examine the contents of the items in relation to what is declared on the customs label pasted on the item before leaving the counter. Please always examine the intactness of the contents before leaving the counter.
Please register any complaints on spot regarding missing or damaged content with the officer in charge or at the customer service center.
Parcels and small packets must bear customs declaration labels as legal proof of contents. Dear customers, you are advised to always use registered mail services or EMS courier when ever you wish to post items that are of a high value. This will insure you against loss or damage and items can easily get tracked and traced in case of delay.

Liability of Postal Administration in case of loss or damage.
If a registered item is lost, totally rifled or totally damaged, the owner is entitled to an indemnity of 30SDR.
The indemnity for loss, theft or damage to a registered M-bag shall be 150 SDR.
The indemnity for loss of a parcel is 40 SDR and 4.50 SDR per kilogram. This is irrespective of the contents in both the registered letter and parcel. Please note that compensation will only be done after a thorough investigation is done by both the sending and receiving administrations. Only genuine claims for compensation will be settle in Ugandan shillings at the prevailing US Dollar rate.

Sender's liability.
The sender of an item shall be liable for any damage caused to other postal items due to the dispatch of an article for conveyance or the non-observance of the conditions of acceptance. The sender shall remain liable event if the office of posting accepts to convey a prohibited item. Inquiries shall be entered within a period of six months from the day of posting. (This goes for registered mail and parcels only).

Expedited Mail Service items.
EMS deliverables and undeliverable articles. An item refused by the addressee or undeliverable shall be returned to the sender. After 14 days, undeliverable items will be returned to the administration of origin by EMS.
Limits of weight and size
EMS items shall be admitted up to a maximum weight of 30 KGS.

Customs declaration.
Consignees should declare whatever items they are posting for customs purposes at the point of destination. However, EMS will be under no obligation to advance any duties, taxes or charges, and to make any disbursements with respect to the items it has conveyed.

EMS will not be liable for any loss, damage, mis-delivery or non-delivery caused under the following circumstances:
  • Act of default or omission of the consignee or any other party who claims any interest in the consignment
  • Act of God, perils of the air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority of the law, or omissions of a customs or quarantine officials, riots, strikes, civil commotions, hazardous incidents to a state of war, weather conditions or delay of aircraft or other vehicles used in providing transportation services
  • Acts or omissions of any carrier or other entity or person to whom a consignment is tendered by Posta Uganda for transportation beyond that provided by EMS, regardless of whether the consignees requested or had knowledge of such a third party delivery arrangement
Because of the nature of service, EMS's liability will be limited to theft, loss or damage. In any case, compensation will be limited to US$ 45 for documents and US$200 for merchandise, as the maximum limits, plus reimbursement of postage charges.

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